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Terry Lidis
Allpoints Travel is an independent travel agency providing both leisure and business travel services, based in Victoria, servng Australia wide.

Compared to our online competitors, where important information or advice can be easily missed, or the traditional travel agent which has the restraints of “traditional” business hours, Allpoints Travel is a happy medium between the two.

You’re unique, your vacation should be too, so whether you’re looking at a bespoke 5 Star travel experience or one of the 1000s of Hotels, Tours or Cruises, featuring unique attractions, memorable cultural experiences, tastebud tingling culinary delights, incredible shopping and adventure we have access too. Allpoints Travel has an options too suit every style and budget
Executive Director
"When traveling you have to do something or eat something new every day, it doesn’t matter if you love or hate it, it still makes for a great travel story"
What Our Customers Say...
  1. Nick & The Boys
    Excellent service, very responsive to our needs as they changed! Would highly recommend. Thx for all your help and advice.
  2. James & Angel
    Personalised service throughout the planning process and when we needed assistants Terry was only a messenger message away, sorry for the 3am call.
  3. Jan & Dave
    Quick and clear answers to our questions, Absolutely fantastic service and advice on traveling in Sri Lanka and India